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Thursday, 14 February 2008

The Motor News Blog- The most beautiful car in the world: Alfa Romeo 8c

Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. Our ideas of a beautiful person varies but here at motor blog, we think that something now exists that has universal beauty, that no-one will be able to say 'well she's alright...' and i think its the Alfa Romeo 8c Competizione..

All 500 of the Alfa Romeo 8c models are already sold with 41 going to the U.K and and 84 going to the U.S. Looking at the pictures you might be wondering why they are only making 500 of these as at a price tag of just £111,000, it would competitively compete with Aston Martin and Ferrari. The reason for this is that Alfa romeo want to race the car and the rules state that 500 production models have to be made. So if it's race-able then it's great to drive.

That is fantastic, it's like marrying Jessica Alba and finding out that not only is she mind bogglingly beautiful, she is also great in bed, and that makes the car better still. The flat back makes the car bold as brass and the bulging wheel arches give the car curves. Now here at motor blog, we could go on talking about the cars eternal beauty but we have to give stats as well so:

* 4.7 litre V8 engine developed by ferrari.
* 0-60mph is taken in 4.2 secs.
* 1/4 mile will go in 12.4 secs.
* The top speed is 181mph.

Those are impressive. However, the whole point of this was to see if it had universal beauty. Will everyone find this car as stunning as me? I think they will but tell me and comment on this motor blog post below.

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Eco Friendly Sports cars?

In this day and age, when the polar icecaps are melting at a faster speed then he sports cars that are melting them, we we often wonder if sports cars can be eco friendly? This is why the motor news blog is going to give you the lowdown on eco friendly fast cars.
Firstly, one of the motor blog's favourite cars is the lotus elise. Although its not eco friendly, for the performance its fantastic. This car emits 185g/km of co2. To put this into perspective, the average afmily car emits 155g/km of co2 so the lotus elise isn't bad. Sorry if you will find this penalising because you know about cars but some people wont. Lotus doesn't harm the environment that much because it uses the Chaplin theory which is that instead of putting a bigger engine in the car, reduce the weight.
Secondly, there is the tesla roadster. Now expect a more detailed post to be put up on the motor blog later this year but for now i will outline the car. The car is powered by an electric engine. The exciting part is that it will reach 60mph in under 4 secs! That's incredible, it's faster then aston martin and ferrari.

Thirdly, the mini cooper S has recently advertised itself as being green. The 1.6 litre engine powers the car to 60 in 7 secs (not fast but not slow either) and the enigne emits just 149g/km of co2. We love this car however, mostly for its economy. It will do over 40 mpg and be a performance car aswell.

I could go on and mention the koenigsegg that runs on bio fuel etc. but there technology is a long way off. Please comment and tell us if you agree with motor news blogs opinions.

Monday, 11 February 2008

Aston Martin V12 Vantage RS- A wild beast is on its way!

Here's your dose of motor news for today. We love Aston Martin. For the past decade now they can't do anything wrong and all their cars become pin ups in teenagers bedrooms next to jessica alba. However, although they are performance cars, none of them have ever been able to replace the highly tuned italian supercars which i thought Aston were fine about, until this bit of motor news...

The reason i'm so excited about this car is this concept. It's like replacing an electric toothbrush motor, and replacing it with one off an electric sander. Instead of the V8 engine, they are replacing it with a V12 engine, but not the one 450o bhp one off the DB9. Oh no, they've only gone and used the one on the DBRS9 race car ( A massive 600 bhp). Here are the stats:

* 0-60 is taken in 4 secs!
* 0-100 is taken in 8.5 secs!
* The top speed is going to be well over 200mph.
* It will weigh just 1500 kg.

Their biggest challenge was making the car handle well as the engine would add 93kg onto the car, and not to mention would mess up the wight ratio. To tackle this they have mercilessly slashed weight off the car. Simarly to the DBS, a sizeable proportion of the body panels have been remade out of carbon fibre. It's incredible that the original Vantage was 1800 kg and this one is 1500 kg.

A big selling point will be the noise, the enigne will make a fantastic noise so you'll be heard coming a mile off. All in all, Aston is alarming motor news journalists everywhere as the new management's intentions are clear, they want to focus on performance.

Thursday, 7 February 2008

The Challenger is back- An iconic American muscle car re-ignited

With all the talk of global warming this is maybe the last car i expected to see in the motor news. The new Dodge Challenger SRT8 is heralding the return of a muscle car classic. Powered by a 6.1 litre V8 engine it's set to be fast and i can honestly say that this is the first promising car coming out of America since the Tesla Roadster.

It's not a bad looking car ever. The vertical front looks menacing and the simple shape complements the car. Furthermore, although i don't really talk about paintjobs, i love the one on this car.

For performance stats visit:

Check out the video for the car at:

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

The Lancia comeback- Official pictures revealed

Lancia is back! For the first time in years, the italian company are in motor news and we have the new official pictures of the car.
This new Delta model will flagship the Lancia comeback and this car will be crucial to the success of the company. The Delta, which is being unveiled at this years geneva motor show, will be the first new model out into production by Lancia this year so is it any good?
Fistly, it must be said that Lancia is trying to enter the luxurious market with this car and this is what the pictures suggest. The sloping roof gives the car poise whereas the interior looks classy and well thought out. We are told that it isn't all style and no substance however, as they have made practical solutions such as sliding seats to enlargen boot area when nescessary.
The main obstacle will be the quality of the car and without anything to go on except Lancia's past performance, we'll have to see whether it stands the test of time.

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Crafty Germans- Why VW likes the skoda jokes!

Skoda, they were the joke of the motoring world and deserved to be as well. Their old cars were ugly, expensive but most of all unreliable so jokes were soon circulating:

* How do you double the price of a skoda?
Fill the tank

* What do you call a skoda driver who say's he has a speeding ticket ?
A Dreamer.

and so on... (For more visit

Now however, you can't drive anywhere without seeing them on the road and this is all because of Volkswagen. Since the 90's they have been able to use all the VW parts and sell the cars at a cheaper rate which has ensured that everbody has got in on the action.

And there's the problem, if a skoda is just a VW but cheaper then doesn't everyone buy them? To illustrate this we'll use the example of a skoda roomster. You've seen it, looks a bit weird doesn't it. This is because it couldn't conflict with the VW mpv models.

But the main reason VW still sells millions of models is because of badge snobbery. If you had the money would you buy a good car that is respected by all or buy an equally as good car that turns off anyone you meet. Rich people can afford to pay a premium for a badge where as poor people don't have any choice and play safe with a Skoda.

So as long as skoda's are always laughed at, both cars will have buyers and will continue to sell. But it makes you wonder, the first skoda joke may have been created by a man called Ferdinand Porsche.