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Wednesday, 6 February 2008

The Lancia comeback- Official pictures revealed

Lancia is back! For the first time in years, the italian company are in motor news and we have the new official pictures of the car.
This new Delta model will flagship the Lancia comeback and this car will be crucial to the success of the company. The Delta, which is being unveiled at this years geneva motor show, will be the first new model out into production by Lancia this year so is it any good?
Fistly, it must be said that Lancia is trying to enter the luxurious market with this car and this is what the pictures suggest. The sloping roof gives the car poise whereas the interior looks classy and well thought out. We are told that it isn't all style and no substance however, as they have made practical solutions such as sliding seats to enlargen boot area when nescessary.
The main obstacle will be the quality of the car and without anything to go on except Lancia's past performance, we'll have to see whether it stands the test of time.

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