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Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Crafty Germans- Why VW likes the skoda jokes!

Skoda, they were the joke of the motoring world and deserved to be as well. Their old cars were ugly, expensive but most of all unreliable so jokes were soon circulating:

* How do you double the price of a skoda?
Fill the tank

* What do you call a skoda driver who say's he has a speeding ticket ?
A Dreamer.

and so on... (For more visit

Now however, you can't drive anywhere without seeing them on the road and this is all because of Volkswagen. Since the 90's they have been able to use all the VW parts and sell the cars at a cheaper rate which has ensured that everbody has got in on the action.

And there's the problem, if a skoda is just a VW but cheaper then doesn't everyone buy them? To illustrate this we'll use the example of a skoda roomster. You've seen it, looks a bit weird doesn't it. This is because it couldn't conflict with the VW mpv models.

But the main reason VW still sells millions of models is because of badge snobbery. If you had the money would you buy a good car that is respected by all or buy an equally as good car that turns off anyone you meet. Rich people can afford to pay a premium for a badge where as poor people don't have any choice and play safe with a Skoda.

So as long as skoda's are always laughed at, both cars will have buyers and will continue to sell. But it makes you wonder, the first skoda joke may have been created by a man called Ferdinand Porsche.


Tomas said...

Ferdinand Porsche was a Czech.

David said...

I don't know anyone who laughs about Skoda...

Anonymous said...

How stupid is this jokes blog. Skoda jokes ended 20+ years ago. 'poor people' buy skodas? Ha, really? You can pay up to £40,000 for a fully loaded Skoda, and many do. The only joke here is on the twerp who wrote it, obviously understands NOTHING about cars or Skoda!

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